Marta Wojciechowska – About Me

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław in 1997 with a degree in glass designing. I love glass, wood, simplicity and expressiveness. Glass is an expressive material for sculpting, which is both sophisticated and charming in itself. Showing the decorativeness and beauty of glass seems too easy and obvious for me. I prefer to treat glass as a material as tender and evanescent as the air, water or ice, which closes its secret for a brief moment to release it later.

Glass and wood form a safe connection that is soft and devoid of tension.

All of my favourite works have a visible hand-made factor, which is their definite advantage. Each order is treated individually, regardless of its scope. After determining the customer’s requirements (taste, style, budget, quantity, size, etc.), I create a design – a prototype (with copyrights), all this to aptly meet the customer’s expectations.

The items I make always have a high artistic value. Because each piece is created manually with all my heart, all my works have a soul, and – what is even more important – subtle differences can be found between each and every piece.

All my works are signed and properly packed to ensure they reach the customer safely. Each glass can be decorated with my trademark – a logo, which can be either embedded in the material or applied on the surface using appropriate tools.

Glassmour Art Gallery

In our offer you can find interior design elements, sculptural objects made of glass, wood and stone, big sculpture installations, glass tableware, company glass for restaurants, hotels, etc., promotional gadgets, unusual architectural glazing, unique lamps and other forms of illumination as well as furniture with glass elements.

Our glass is truly unique and perfectly complements the nature of any interior.

Our sculptures are never bland as they are not only decoration. Our items are always very personal, sometimes due to their simplicity, roughness and raw use of the material, giving it full expression and energy.

Glass tableware is perfect for everyday use; it can be washed by hand or even in a dishwasher. It is safe in contact with food, as the visible pigment is fused between two layers of glass and the edges are properly protected.

Platters, serving plates, large and small plates, napkin hangers, candlesticks, lanterns, ashtrays, business card hangers and clocks are the perfect choice for company gadgets. Promotional items made of artistic glass are an ideal proposal for hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Our product range also includes furniture with glass – tables and table tops, counters, glass shelves and cupboards with unusual shapes. Also glass mosaics are an interesting proposition. Tiles and glass decors are great for use in the kitchen and bathroom.

Architectural and interior design studios, hotels, companies, restaurants, cafés as well as individuals are welcome to cooperate with us.

In our Gallery, everyone can find something just for themselves, or we can realise your request with pleasure.

Welcome to cooperate.


Marta Wojciechowska

+48 606 331 986