• Wulkan czarny

    Wulkan Czarny

    Połączenie głębokiej czerni z soczystymi czerwieniami przechodzącymi w oranż pobudzi i urozmaici każde wnętrze.

  • Szachy


    Połączenie drewna z pięknymi szklanymi pionami

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Marta Wojciechowska – About Me

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław in 1997 with a degree in glass designing. I love glass, wood, simplicity and expressiveness. Glass is an expressive material for sculpting, which is both sophisticated and charming in itself. Showing the decorativeness and beauty of glass seems too easy and obvious for me. I prefer to treat glass as a material as tender and evanescent as the air, water or ice, which closes its secret for a brief moment to release it later.

Glass and wood form a safe connection that is soft and devoid of tension.